About Me

I am a Software Engineer from Austria. Currently I am studying at the Technical University of Vienna. I like software quality and testing, and you will see me writing a lot about tools that (hopefully) make it easier to churn out code.

From time to time I hold talks at places, you can check out my slides here.

Side Projects

  • Sernie Banders: A simple chrome extension to replace ‘Bernie Sanders’ with one of several fitting acronyms.
  • Fluentast: A fluent API to wrap JDT Core. Useful for creating Java ASTs.
  • Pages: Using JHipster + Kotlin + Angular to create a simple Gist clone.
  • git-aliases: A printable cheat sheet for oh-my-zsh git plugin aliases.
  • Glumpat: Documenting the tools and things I use on a daily basis.